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The most versatile enclosed utility body
in the Restoration and Carpet Cleaning industry.

We have multiple trucks in stock and available today!

The Gorilla Truck Box is essential equipment among the professional carpet cleaner and restoration contractor companies.

The Gorilla G1 Truck Box was specifically built for the contractor that needs to carry a heavy payload. With all the power you need to accomplish any task with a payload over 6000 lb (on 5500) and the optional diesel engine, and 4 wheel drive.

The crew cab option on Chevy 5500 Silverado allows the contractor to send up to six men in one vehicle to the job site. The 90” wide roll up door makes it easier to mount the largest of truck mounted extractors, pressure washers, plumber jetters, or lawn care spray rigs.

The Gorilla G1 Truck Box side accessible compartments enable the contractor to sufficiently organize their tools and equipment without having to crawl in the back of the truck; it directly translates into better efficiency and productivity on the job site.

  • The passenger side of the truck has a large 90” wide roll up door that gives you the versatility to permanently mount your equipment, or store large equipment for installation on location.
  • The rear of the Gorilla G1 truck features one large (26.5” wide) door to access the large cargo areas and a smaller door that gives you full access to the more than 15’ long compartment on the drivers side of truck. This allows storage of long area rugs, pipes, or equipment of your choice. The ramp gives you easy access to load and unload equipment.
  • If you’re looking for organization, efficiency, and productivity that will add to your bottom line, then the Gorilla G1 is vital to your success! All the other competitors are just trucks with shelves.

We have multiple trucks in stock and available today!

Tired of waiting or not knowing when your truck will arrive? No need to wait for delivery with these beauties. We have multiple trucks like the G1 featured below (in white) available today. 

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