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Gorilla Truck Box™ is purposely built with the Carpet Cleaner and Professional Restorer in mind. It is the first truck box custom built for this industry from the ground up. Every compartment was specifically built with a place for everything and everything in its place. The Gorilla Truck Box™ was built to last, with heavy duty all steel construction, it is truly gorilla tough.

Gorilla Truck Box™ was founded by James and Candace Longley, a husband and wife team, who understand the cleaning business. Being in the supply business for the last 15 years and prior to that in the cleaning and restoration business, doing water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, carpet cleaning and a number of other services gave them insight in the design of the Gorilla Truck Box™. James said, “I was never fully satisfied with the trucks being used in our industry. We always used the vans and trucks available and tried to convert them to fit the needs of the cleaner and restorer. Although that has been okay, it never was quite right. I hated climbing in and out of vans and box trucks, plus standing on your head to work on bolted in truck mounts, and never having all your tools really organized, it seems like the trucks we were using were a bigger disaster than the jobs we were going out to restore”. So came the design of the Gorilla Truck Box™, purposely designed to meet the demanding needs of the cleaner and restorer. Test one out today and you will see there is nothing that compares to the quality and workmanship of the Gorilla Truck Box™.


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