Plumbers Guide To The Best Service Truck Body

If you’re a service contractor, you likely need a service truck as you have many items you need to bring to the job site of each of your projects. To do so easily, you’ll want a service truck fitted with a enclosed body.

In this article, we're going to dive deep into everything you need to know about service truck bodies and how they can help plumbers, carpet cleaners, and other professionals. Continue reading below to learn more.

What Is a Service Truck Body?

Service truck bodies are permanent or temporary bodies installed on top of or in place of the bed of a truck. They can be flat and open or box-like and enclosed. Sometimes, enclosed models come with different compartments that let you store your tools and equipment.

What Are the Benefits of a Service Truck Body?

Organize Your Workspace

One of the main benefits of service truck bodies is that they make it easier for you to organize your work tools and equipment.

Since most service truck bodies include multiple storage compartments, you can easily store smaller tools and know exactly where to find them. This is a much more effective way of storing things than having tools roll around in a toolbox or on a truck bed.

Create More Space

Most truck beds offer you limited storage space. By making use of the multiple storage compartments in a high-quality service truck body, you can take advantage of your space in the most efficient way possible.

Protect Your Equipment

Having an enclosed body is safer than having a flat and open one. Enclosed truck bodies can help protect your valuable equipment from rain, snow, dust, and dirt.

By protecting your tools and equipment, you're letting them last longer. So, you'll spend less money on replacements and repairs. Moreover, clean tools show your customers that you're organized and tidy.

Professional Presentation

Service truck bodies help your business in many ways. One way it helps your business is by boosting your professional appearance. Doing so enables you to make a good first impression on new customers and helps your business look more legitimate.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Service Truck Body?

Now that you know what a service truck body is and what the benefits are of having a service truck body installed, you may be considering getting one for yourself. To help you make the best decision, we’ve compiled a list of the major things you should consider.

Equipment Needs

When looking at body options, be sure to keep in mind what equipment and tools you’ll be transporting every day. Some truck bodies are better suited for transporting certain tools than others.

Moreover, you’re going to want to make sure the truck body you choose has storage solutions that prevent your most sensitive equipment from moving around and breaking in the back.

Storage Space

Now that you know what kind of equipment you’ll be transporting and whether you have any specific requirements based on your equipment, you should now figure out how much space you actually need.

If you have lots of equipment to haul, you’ll want an option with a ton of storage space. If you frequently load and unload your equipment, you’ll want an option that lets you easily access your tools.

Here are a few other things to consider when you choose your service body:

  • Security
  • Material
  • Workmanship

What Is Gorilla Truck Box?

Gorilla Truck Box is a line of service truck bodies purposely built with service contractors in mind. Every compartment across all of Gorilla Truck Box's models was specifically built to be easily used by service professionals like carpet cleaners and plumbers. Aside from the functionality that Gorilla Truck Box bodies provide, these bodies are also built to last with heavy-duty all-steel construction.

Service Truck Gorilla Truck Box The Best Carpet Cleaning Professional Service Vehicle

What Models Does Gorilla Truck Box Provide?

Gorilla G1

The Gorilla G1 was specifically built for contractors that need to carry a heavy payload. This service body has enough power to carry a payload of over 6,000 lbs.

The Gorilla G1 can be installed on any of the following truck chassis: Chevy, Ford, or Dodge.

The 90” wide roll-up door makes it easier to mount the biggest truck-mounted extractors, pressure washers, plumber jetters, or lawn care spray rigs.

The Gorilla G1 also has side compartments that allow you to easily organize your tools and equipment without having to crawl into the back of the truck. With that said, your work becomes more efficient.


Here's a more in-depth look at the highlights of the Gorilla G1:

  • Storage. The Gorilla G1 features side-accessible storage compartments and an oversized cargo area. Since a big part of your job likely relies on your tools and equipment, it’s important that you invest in a truck body that suits the way you work.
  • Versatility. The passenger side of the truck has a large roll-up door (90" wide) that gives you the versatility to mount your equipment permanently.
  • Convenience. The back of the Gorilla G1 features one large door to access the cargo areas and a smaller door that gives you access to a compartment on the driver's side of the truck. You can easily load and unload equipment thanks to the built-in ramp.

Gorilla G2

The Gorilla G2 is built on a Chevy body. There’s the Chevy 3500 with a 4,112-lb payload and the Chevy 4500 with a 6,123-lb. payload.

Both types of Gorilla G2 bodies feature side-accessible compartments that allow you to save time and be more productive since you won't struggle to look for your tools.


Here’s a more in-depth look at the highlights of the Gorilla G2:

  • Storage. The Gorilla G2 bodies both feature side-accessible storage compartments and an oversized cargo area. For maximum security, you have the option to lock all storage doors with the push of a button.
  • Versatility. The passenger side of the vehicle has a big 69” roll-up door that allows you to mount your equipment.
  • Ease of Access. The back of the Gorilla G2 has two doors. One door leads to the large cargo area, while the smaller rear access door lets you store items over 12 feet long. Either way, you have easy access to all your equipment.

Gorilla G3

The Gorilla G3 is built on a Ford Transit body with a 3,140-lb. payload. The G3 is the last of the three models Gorilla Truck Box offers. Here are some of its highlight features:

  • Versatility. The passenger side of the vehicle has a big 69” roll-up door that allows you to mount your equipment.
  • Accessibility. The Gorilla G3 features easily accessible side compartments that let you organize your tools and save time by not having to crawl in the back of the truck.
  • Security. You have the option to lock all doors with the push of a button for maximum security.

To learn more about the Gorilla G1, G2, and G3, check out the detailed specification pages on our website.

How Can You Take Care of Your Service Truck Body?

Just like any other piece of equipment your business owns, your truck and its service body are investments. They cost money, and you’ll get the best bang for your buck if you maintain them and take care of them.

When you schedule a time to care for and maintain your truck and service body, you are effectively increasing the potential return you enjoy on your investment. But you may be wondering what practical steps you can take. For that, continue reading the section below.

Start With a Quality Product

The best way to maximize the return on your investment is to start with a quality product. You can always find cheap service truck bodies, but those pieces won’t last you nearly as long as a high-quality option.

If you’re looking for a high-quality product, consider checking any of Gorilla Truck Box’s offerings. You’ll get a much longer lifespan compared to other brands.

Regular Maintenance Checkups

Your service truck body maintenance checklist should always include regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. Even though everything still seems to be in order, it's important for you to remember that prevention is the best way to avoid costly repairs and replacements. So, it would be best to find a mechanic you trust and visit them regularly for scheduled maintenance.

Consistent Cleanups

When it comes to your service body maintenance, don’t forget to keep the space as clean as possible. Since you likely have an enclosed service body, you’ll want to spend time taking things out that don’t need to be inside. This helps prevent foul odors and stains.

Fix Dents and Chips Quickly

Over a few years, you’ll likely end up having several chips, dents, and scratches all over your service truck body. The longer you take to have these repaired, the more likely they are to turn into serious issues that need expensive repairs.

If you choose to ignore chips, dents, and scratches completely, your service truck body will eventually look so worn out that you'll need to replace the whole thing.

Invest In Organizational Tools

One often-forgotten tactic for extending the life of a service truck body is choosing the right tools to help you organize your equipment. When everything in your truck is organized instead of lying on the floor, the chances of your tools and your truck body getting damaged are greatly reduced.

Luckily, organizational tools and modifications for truck bodies are relatively cheap compared to the value they bring you. So, it would be wise for you to consider finding a good organizational solution that meets your specific needs.

Park Your Truck In the Right Spot

One of the most straightforward steps you can take to take care of your service truck body is to park your truck in a safe place. Ideally, you'll want to park your truck in a climate-controlled garage.

If you leave your truck outside, pollutants, sunlight, wind, rain, and other elements will begin to wear down your truck’s service body. So, you’ll want to keep the truck inside to extend the life of your service truck body.

Final Thoughts

Trucks fitted with service truck bodies are great investments and hold many benefits for service contractors and professionals. The specific type of service truck body you should get depends on your needs. When you get one for your business, you shouldn’t forget to take steps to maintain it.

If you’re in the market for a new service truck body, consider checking out the products of Gorilla Truck Box today.


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